Burmilana No.12

Burmilana No. 12
For a handcrafted look - BURMILANA!

Burmilana No 12 – for wool effects with a hand stitch look

Finely spun wool/acrylic embroidery thread, perfect for high speed computerised embroidery, overlocking and decorative stitching. BURMILANA is a strong and thick thread (330 dtex x 2) which fills designs quickly, with a warm and interesting texture.

Colours range from vibrant reds, greens, blues and yellows, through to soft country tones with multi hues, for outstanding special effects.
BURMILANA – affordable exclusivity with a few stitches!

10 x 1000m (Cone)

Art. No. 813

dtex 330 x 2     den 300 x 2

50% wool
50% acrylic

135 Single colors
12 Mélangé colors

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