E-ZEE Comfort-Wear


Comfort-Wear is a fusible, bi-elastic jersey interlining to cover the reverse of embroideries, to protect the skin from potential scratching or irritation. The bi-elasticity and softness of Comfort-Wear provides excellent wearing comfort, allowing maximum freedom of movement. Comfort-Wear is a very light fabric and thus will not show through the clothing.

Comfort-Wear is fixed onto the reverse of the embroidery by using a heat press or iron. The adhesive agent of Comfort-Wear will be activated again each time it is ironed and hence will stick much longer than comparable.
E-ZEE Comfort-Wear is available in black and white.

Material: 100% Polyester


Due to the spherical adhesive agent the coated side is rougher and therefore clearly visible. Lay the coated side of Comfort-Wear onto the reverse of the embroidery and fix it using a heat press or iron. To protect the embroidery and the fabric/garment, we strongly recommend placing a separate cloth under the main embroidery face. After ironing Comfort-Wear has to cool for min. 2 hours.

Comfort-Wear 51g

Roll à 100 m x 50 cm

Art.No. 051CW50W (white)
Art.No. 051CW50S  (black)

Optimal fixing conditions:

Heat press:
Temperature: 130 - 140 °C
Pressure: 4-6 bar
Duration: approx. 15 sec.

Temperature: 2 points with maximum steam
max. Dampfstufe
Pressure: as strong as possible
Duration: approx. 30 sec.
Due to the variety of temperature resistance and finish of different fabrics, it is essential to run tests before starting production.