Cotton Soft

Cotton Soft

Tear Away

Cotton Softis designed to be less stretchy than most classic backings, therefore it will tear easily if stretched too much in a border frame.

The huge advantage of Cotton Soft is that any remain will be completely soft after the first washing.

Material: 100% Cotton

Cotton Soft 50 g

Roll à 200 m x 90 cm

Art.No. 051CS59W (white)
Art.No. 051CS59S   (black)

Cotton Soft 50 g

Rolle à 200 m x 90 cm bügelbeschichtet

Art.No. 051CB59W (white)
Art.No. 051CB59S  (black)

Cotton Soft 60 g

Rolle à 200 m x 90 cm

Art.No. 051CS69W (white)
Art.No. 051CS69S  (black)

Cotton Soft Sixpack 50g

pre-cuts à 30 cm x 50 cm

Art.No. 051CS53W (white)
Art.No. 051CS53S  (black)

Cotton Soft 80 g

Rolle à 100 m x 90 cm

Art.No. 051CS89W (white)
Art.No. 051CS89S  (black)