MadeirAS Film

MadeirAS Film

Heat Dissolvable Film

How many times have you been asked to produce embroidery without residual non-woven fabrics on the reverse? Or painstakingly picked away at non-woven backings to ensure nothing was left behind? Or had such difficult fabric or designs to embroiderer that you have layered up the backing and/or been left with puckering or needle damage?

With MadeirAS Film, and Avalon, this could all be a thing of the past...

MadeirAS Film is a heat sensitive film made from 100 micron or 30 micron Polyolefin - 100% environmentally friendly and does not contain formaldehyde.

MadeirAS film has unique advantages.
It is removed completely by heat. Due to its composition, MadeirAS Film is a useful and versatile embroidery aid for everything from fine and stretchy fabrics to standard cotton ones. With MadeirAS film, even problem fabrics can be embroidered without puckering and its use can eliminate the
necessity to use adhesive spray.

Instructions for use:
MadeirAS film is straightforward and simple to use. It can be used for the MadeirAS Technique (see brochure) or as a normal backing or topping fabric.

MadeirAS film is removed quickly by heat applied by a heatpress, transfer press or hand held iron at temperatures of 120°C - 140°C, for only a few seconds, leaving no residue behind.


100 Mikron

Rolls of 100 m x 50 cm:
Art. No. 035AS51B

Rolls of 100 m x 100 cm:
Art. No. 035AS11B


30 Mikron

Rolls of 100 m x 50 cm:
Art. No. 035AS513

Rolls of 200 m x 100 cm:
Art. No. 035AS123